Monday, 1 April 2013

Andy Murray - Turning Point

First things first, I respect Andy Murray and deserves everything that he achieves in his career. The thing that stops this man from becoming top of his sport is his attitude. So many times we see him lose himself on the court and end up throwing his racquet or cursing. He has all the raw talent to succeed but just like any sport, his mind isn't in it. Always the nearly man we thought the breakthrough would come not only after winning gold at London 2012 but also winning the US open and his first grand slam beating world number 1 Novak Djokovic. Since then Andy Murray has won the Miami Masters although it wasn't a top event by any means with many of the top seeds missing out. This should give him the confidence towards the start of the season.

Andy was always the nearly man of tennis, happy to reach the finals and beat the seeds behind him but always struggling against the likes of Djokovic, Federer and Nadal etc. So what really has changed since then, well nothing except a few changes of personel behind doors but really it's just a steady improvement by the Scottish ace. It's frustrating being British and supporting Andy because he has the ability to make it to the top and the conditioning to support this but the way he loses his cool on the court is always at the back of the mind. He has already shown he can compete with the best of the best in tennis.

All the best players have the raw talent from a young age in any sport you look at Messi, Dan Carter, Rory Mcilroy all players that had to develop in their own sports from a young age and improved with experience and age. It's something which Murray will have to adapt himself too, It's a common stat. One thing is for sure his progress is exciting to watch particularly with him having time on his side.

Much Appreciated.

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