Monday, 30 July 2012

How Football Brings All Fans Together.

It's The Sport We all Love And Hate

Football is a universal sport there's no doubt about it. Never has there been a sport so united in so many different countries around the world. There are countless league and countless teams within. Yet it does something which rarely any other sport does and that's bring unity and fans together in a way that it's almost captivating.
The truth is whether you are top of the Premier League or hanging above relegation in League Two you still have as much right as the other to talk football. The old arguement of plastic fans and real fans doesn't matter it's either classed as banter or just pure enjoyment of the game. I spend a lot of time using Twitter in fairness and I have many fans from different clubs following me from the likes of Darlington, Bristol City, AlderShot, Forest,  Southampton, the list goes on and on.
Even Cardiff fans who me being from Swansea are supposed to dislike it's not like that anymore, Okay in some cases it is but most fans are peaceful and just chat about the game and everything within.

Pre-Season-It's a time of year where fans can recharge their batteries after a long hard season with the highs and lows within. The chat is about who your team is playing and who you are linked with, It takes up the timeline more than just pointless Justin Bieber trends.
There's nothing better than being linked and getting excited it really does it for the modern football fan. Knicking a 1-0 away win against a team in a higher league is almost as good as clinching promotion itself when it comes to pre-season it really serves as a starter for the main meal which is being prepared in the form of the season ahead.

The Season Itself-

The countdown is over and everyone is looking forward to matchday. The lower league clubs get the first taste which I appear envious of. Always the friday night fixture I'm watching regardless of teams playing. The banter is always going around prior to the game and for the 120 minutes that follow it's just sheer elation some people are in the stadiums some are at home it doesn't matter the excitement is evident for everyone to see.

Some people get goosebumps every game like myself once I see the Swans coming out, My heart tends to beat that little bit faster. As the months go by the banter continues, flops and signings are apparent. Championships are won and relegations decided yet we don't lose hope we never do. Emotion is a strong power and whether it be happy or sad it's still valued. This is why I think football does something which maybe other sports do but not in the way that it's portrayed here. It''s commitment at it's highest.

End of Season- 
The dust has settled, Tears sunk in and everything else in between. It's a long hard season regardless whether you win the league or just above scrap relegation, but it doesn't matter. It's our clubs and we fight for them every step of the way, Sometimes it hurts sometimes it feels good but at least you feel something and that's what football does and that's why it continues to light a fire in all of us.



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