Monday, 30 July 2012

Welcome, Everyone

Hello Everyone, First of all my names Daniel James John and my prime interest is sport it's as simple as that. I have always wanted to work in sport and add this to the fact I love writing as well builds up a great combination. I spoke to journalists on where I should go and this was the best idea for the moment until university. Over the coming weeks I will post something for everyone. I have an avid view for everything not just the popular sports. With the Olympics on in the background that seems to back up my theory. So Please share this page using Twitter/Facebook anything you want I just want to make a name for myself.

Swansea City FC

-Swansea City
-Roger Federer
-David Haye
-Sport Worldwide

This gives you an idea where I'm coming from and who I really am.

Much Appreciated

D. John

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