Monday, 23 September 2013

Sports Journalism - First Day at Uni

Here's a different flavour purely on the fact that I embarked on my first year of three at Southampton Solent University. Sports Journalism has always been the course I've wanted to do so it only seems fitting that I give a little insight into a day of a student on this one. Anyway here goes.

- Early mornings are definitely not a personal favourite of mine, Literally went to sleep around 4/5am and woke up a measly two hours later around 7:30. It's up there with lack of food on a list of things that aren't the best parts about uni. Managed to kind of brush my teeth and wash my face should have opened my eyes by this point mind. Luckily I had jeans and a jumper to hand, it was a weird kind of day weather wise due to the fact it started off cold then got really warm literally melting around the afternoon time. Got into the first lecture room and it was pretty packed looking at around 70 people so clearly a popular degree.

We got introduced to all the lecturers one by one. I have to say I met one of the main ones John May before at an open day and he was just brilliant. He's one of those down to earth people who just enjoys everything he does whether he's taking the mick or he's being serious he's one of those loveable people. The rest all seemed like they had a bit of banter between them most notably Will Cope, Andy Ford and David Reilly. What makes their stuff genius is the fact half of the time it's related to sport which makes it even better. If they weren't taking the provocative out of each other they were doing it to others. This is a reason why Uni and College yield more success and happiness than school. We had an hour just being told about our course and things that we will study etc. Then the best part of the day came, A guy named Jim O Brien who literally looked like a bouncer at an empty night club...useless. Yet as soon as he started talking everyone just started listening.

I found out we were getting a Spanish football insight from an expert. This was an hour of just sheer immense quality, I found myself hanging onto his every word. From the history of Spanish football to the reason why Barca hate Madrid it was literally the best start to the day. I could listen to stuff like that all day, an hour went by literally so quickly it was time to head upstairs to play lecturer bingo or something like that. The lesson if you can call it that was literally just they told you a fact about a lecturer and you had to guess what it was. There were some pretty hilarious ones there mind ranging from being kicked off a set by Cameron Diaz, on the other side you had someone hit a golfball straight through a Nissan Micra. What a superb morning.

The afternoon was kind of tedious in fairness. Had to go to a student support meeting and that was not only boring but ill informed like seriously who pays these people to do this. Then I had to wait an hour for the last lesson so spent an hour exploring Southampton then went back and we just essentially assembled a microphone and conducted an interview which I made some cheeky questions which were off the record. All in all a really interesting and exciting day, could do it all day in fairness.

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D. Davies

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