Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Whole Gareth Bale saga is over...

First of all let me state that I'm a huge advocate for Gareth Bale not only is he Welsh but he's one of those players that you're so glad plays the game of football. He is definitely the third best player in the world, I know people speak of Neymar and Iniesta but with the latter he plays in a dominant side most often on the front foot. The same will be of Neymar this season. Barcelona always have the majority of the ball so it's easy to do the simple things and create chances. Bale last season ran the show at Spurs on his own some games. Only have to think about the last day of the season against Sunderland and the previous week against Southampton.

It's crazy to think that now it's all done and dusted that he's going to start in the same side as superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. My favourite footballer may I add. Villareal on the weekend for Madrid and I bet Bale himself is just as excited as me to get started. It was a long old summer for all of us tired of hearing Bale wants to go and Rooney wants to stay and Suarez well does what he usually does, Controversial. I love the transfer window it's exciting to see who your team is in for but then devastating to see who goes out. Spurs did remarkable well they now have a quality squad capable of challenging the top but losing their star player will come at a price in those 0-0s away to Stoke etc.

I'm just glad and i'm sure everyone else is that the whole situation is resolved and that Bale got his deserved move and Spurs got the money because both will prosper. Gerard Pique said recently that he thinks the first month will be crucial for Bale and I agree if he starts winning the fans over and producing instantly like the likes of Isco have done this season alongside former team-mate Luka Modric then Madrid will yield the results. I have a passion for Madrid, actually Spanish football in general but Madrid the whole history behind them is just unbelievable. Barcelona are something special and the way they play similar to Swansea(my team) is nothing short of mesmeric at times even with the magical Messi.

Back to my original point I'm just glad the whole thing has been resolved, we all know it was coming yet there was a relief when it was finally done. Maybe Bale can inspire a generation of Welsh talent you just never know. One thing is for sure Welsh football is on the up even the rugby boys will struggle to surpass this.

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