Wednesday, 15 August 2012

International Friendlies - Waste Of Time?

So as the season heads into the opening fixtures and all the teams having an enjoyable pre-season it seems almost unbelievable that there would be a set of international friendlies prior to this weekend. All the home nations are in action tonight respectively but for what some practise ahead of next month's World Cup qualifiers?. There is no need to disrupt the clubs this close to the season and it's an inconvenience for players and clubs alike. For youngsters it's a chance to give themselves recognition heading into the season but for the veterans it's essentially tiring them out needlessly.

I understand that some International sides need to put a side together in preparation for these tournaments but angering their clubs in doing so is just pointless. For Jack Butland and Jack Rodwell and co it's a chance to shine and make a stake for a claim in the side. Personally I think that these friendlies are a waste of time they should have at least made these a week earlier not so close to each game it will eventually burn out many of these youngsters. Let me know what you think in the comments section below?

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