Thursday, 2 August 2012

Women Showing The Men How It's Done?

So far in 2012 it's been a pretty great year for Britain in general with the fact that Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League and hosting the London 2012 Olympics just goes to show that they can do it on the world stage as well. There's been many events so far in the Olympics that have provided us with sheer entertainment and pure joy.

When Helen Glover and Heather Stanning took gold in the women's pair in rowing ahead of their famed New Zealand opponents you could feel the entire country just relax a little bit more. The pressure of a first medal has put off the likes of Mark Cavendish and Tom Daley and even the mortal Becky Adlington. What these two women did was sheer astounding especially in front of Royalty  but these down to earth women just portrayed the perfect British spirit even in their post-interview, so bubbly and charismatic. Finally it's time to celebrate.

So what happens next is the question?, Well so far the Olympics has been a huge success despite empty seats and the recent debacle involving the badminton players. The issue remains that a player should always play to win but it's sport they played for an easier draw. Football sides play weaker sides to preserve themselves so why is this different?. There have been plenty of positives ranging from the rowing, gymnastics men's and women and even the diving despite Tom and Pete making an error in the their 4th dive it just shows how far we as a country have come. If we didn't win anymore medals it will still be charted as a success after the opening ceremony and how the atmosphere has erupted and all the athletes have bonded.

Either way it all began with the Queen and Mr Bond and it's being carried on by inspirational athletes who really have put on a performance up until now and thus it continues. With the track and field events coming up it's hard not to get excited by the thoughts of Dai Greene, Chris Hoy and co. It's starting to simmer nicely.

Also a quick mention to Team GB ladies who are proving just as fruitful as the men on the big stage. Qualifying from their group with ease and with 3 victories under their belt including a very eye catching 1-0 defeat of Brazil and it should have been many more. There's been plenty of women who have played well and it would be hard to guage one person for this tournament with the likes of Jill Scott, Rachel Yankey and Karen Carney all playing well but Stephanie Houghton has taken the tournament by storm. The 5ft 7 Arsenal Ladies all rounder has asserted herself at left back despite being pre-dominantly right footed. 3 goals in 3 games at the top level is almost unheard of as a defender. So good luck to the entire team against Canada. We all will be watching, the inspiration you girls have brought has been pheunominal.

Much appreciated

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