Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Foreign Investment - The End of Football

It's common knowledge that the Premier League is richly invested and sought after. Big Risk big reward right?...well judging by the new parachute payments being brought in next season then wrong. There is of course the Financial Fair Play ruling which equals teams in terms of spending but this could be a step back. This basically allows sides to spend as much as they can knowing that if the worst happens they will get 60 million in various payments.

So when you look at the stats, the sides who will really benefit from this is everyone, well it's starting to swerve that way. I understand that when you get relegated from the richest league in the world there are consequences but that's the risk you take when go up in the first place. It's encouraging teams to spend astronomical amounts on wages and transfers in the knowledge that they could sell their assets or recieve extra money to fund these star players.

QPR brought in players like Loic Remy(Above) and Christopher Samba and even players like Jermaine Jenas and Julio Cesar these are top players but also with huge ego's something's got to give.  I remember reading an article by then Barnsley boss Keith Hill after losing 2-1 to Blackburn he felt his side were not on an even playing field. "Clubs that get relegated get rewarded financially, how does that make sense" what the man is trying to vindicate is absolutely spot on. You've got sides who spend within their means in the Championship and get consistently outspent even by the returning relegation fodder each season.

Let's not paint over the obvious, once you reach the so called Holy Land the financial benefits are unbelievable, almost unprecedented but there needs to be a limit. In the past sides would take the risk because well it's a risk and paid for it, I.e Bradford/Barnsley. So what needs to happen because something has to give, There's two ways they can go from here, one being that they reduce the amount of parachute payments and instead offer support and guidance to those clubs who lose out each season, FA implemented of course. Or simply offer a strict limit of spending on certain clubs who also face inevitable relegation.

One thing is for sure, Even if you get lucky and get promoted and relegated in the following season you will be financially better off in the long run which will force clubs to make a decision on whether to gamble or stick and that's the real overiding problem.

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