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Suarez - One Thing After Another

Suarez at it again
Controversy just seems to follow him around. Ever since signing from Ajax for around 23 million, his indiscretions have overshadowed Liverpool's fall and rise to the top of English football. A gifted player, no doubt yet why would you throw your career away for meaningless idiocrasy. Luis Suarez is now 26 you just can't make excuses for this anymore. He's not a teenager or a child anymore, he should be in control of his own actions and try to change himself instead of hiding under the cloud of Anfield. He was nominated for PFA player of the year by his fellow professionals which means they value his ability as everyone else does but surely someone should not pick up an award when he constantly sets a bad example for younger viewers who aspire to be as good as these players.

Interesting fact - On his debut for Uruguay in 2006 he was sent off for two yellow cards in the 8th minute surely the start of it all.

Another one - In 2007 Luis Suarez was fined alongside Albert Luque for an altercation at Ajax in the dressing room, struggling to get on with others.

Infamous hand of god incident

Suarez v Ghana - Unbelievable
The incident which broke hearts all around the world, it was the quarter final of the World Cup in 2010, Luis Suarez took it upon himself to use his hand to prevent the ball going in and being sent off in the process. The penalty was missed by Asamoah Gyan and was the turning point in the game, despite being down to 10 men, Uruguay held out and won in the penalty shootout. It was a heartbreaking moment although the circumstances defended him on this one, it was still despicable.

Where it all began?

Let's not forget when he was at Ajax it's where the first public incident in his controversial club career occured. On his last ever game for Ajax before he left he bit PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal just near the shoulder and received a 7 match ban, what we must remember is this was only two years ago. It's starting to become a recurring theme.

Luis Saurez - Otman Bakkal

Diving and Finger Pointing

What we already know is that although he's a gifted player his ability to cause chaos at the back is unmatched at any level. It's a shame his behaviour dictates how people know him as a player, Infamously when playing against West Brom Suarez went down easily under a tackle from Jerome Thomas where Paul Scharner claimed the striker had tried a 'nice dive' this was the first of many cases. If this wasn't already a problem add that to the fact he made a finger gesture towards home fans at an away game against Fulham and suddenly it's becoming a scourge and a problem not only for the Premier League but Liverpool Football Club.

Racism Row

Luis Suarez was starting to finally calm down when the incident with United left back Patrice Evra caused him the headlines again. Whether you believe what happened or not the fact that he was involved is not a suprise and it's starting to become more than an inconvenience each time. Suarez was fined and banned for 8 matches. Apparently he used a racist slur ten times.

Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra Race row

Let's look more recently...

FA CUP - Mansfield v Liverpool

This year in the FA cup Liverpool were playing Mansfield away now bearing in mind this side are non league status it's hard to see why Suarez would need to get involved. Well he could have chosen to empty his conscience and leave it up to his team mates to rally round him but he chose the back handed way just like against Ghana. He caressed the ball when it bounced up into him and used it to his advantage to knock it past the keeper and tuck the ball away. It's a clear handball, how it wasn't given is a tragedy and another case of poor officiating this season.  Brendan Rodgers claimed it was up to the officials and not Suarez himself to own up but you think with a record as bad as his there would be an element of apology involved but no.You could again make an arguement for the fact any player would do it to get their side through but it's not is it. There's a difference between the World Cup and the last 32 in the FA Cup.

Luis Suarez v Mansfield

So what happens next?, Well according to reports Suarez is being heavily linked with Borussia Dortmund as a replacement for Mario Goetze. Luis Suarez feels he is being victimized and so do Liverpool but it's getting to the stage where it's becoming almost okay to cheat and what does that do to youngsters watching the game thinking that. He either needs to clean up his attitude and behaviour or leave the Premier League, either way something needs to happen.

Also a little mention to both German clubs in the Champions League who outthought and outmuscled their Spanish neighbours. Bayern winning 4-0 at home to a lacklustre Barcelona and Dortmund impressively defeating Real Madrid in Germany, both huge results for clubs on the up but what of the losers on the night....

Much Appreciated

Thomas Muller

Robert Lewandowski

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