Monday, 3 June 2013

Swansea City Abroad - Interview with Jordi Garcia

Swansea City are expanding as not only a team but as a business or franchise or however you would like to look at it. I'm looking for fans outside the obvious spectrum. The further away from the Liberty Stadium the better. Here's a short interview with a great friend of mine, it's short but it really shows how Swansea are lighting the world up.

 Hello first of all introduce yourself and where you're from?

My name is Jordi Garcia and i'm from Mollet Del Valles, Barcelona, Catalonia Country 

When did you first start supporting Swansea City

 I follow Swansea 6/7 years ago

Are Swansea popular in your homeland?

They are popular because of their Spanish players and their brand of football

What's your best moment as a fan of Swansea City

 Promotion to the Premier League with no doubt

Have you ever traveled from Spain to watch a game?

Yes, Stoke City Season 12/13 , score was 3-1

Favourite player?

Angel Rangel from Catalonia, it's hard to play for a Premier League team

Ideal player you want to see at Swansea?

Robert Firmano(Hoffenheim) - Good quality

Would you encourage other people to support Swansea City?

Yes my friend follows them with me

Is there a similar team in Spain to Swansea City

Barcelona plays similar, also Girona in the Segunda division

So there's my interview with a Spanish fan of Swansea City, massive thanks to Jordi because English is not his best language obviously so great effort. Hopefully there will be more to come in future weeks.

Much appreciated
Daniel John

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