Sunday, 6 January 2013

Are Swansea going to run out of Steam

Swansea City have played many games up until the so called halfway points but the month of January could actually catch up with them. Already the Swans have played Fulham, Aston Villa and Arsenal and with Chelsea to come in 3 days all in the space of 2 weeks. That's hard work even for the biggest of squads let alone this thread bare one. The problem as well is the exertion that the players are putting in due to the quality of opposition means there is no time to rest. Players like Michu, Routledge, Ben Davies, Ashley Williams, De Guzman and Britton have played a large amount of games and many others and although there may have been the odd rest here and there it's still a suprise the fact they keep on playing the 'Swansea Way'

January is a testing month with games against Chelsea( League Cup Semi Final at SB), Everton( Away ) then could be the return against Arsenal of today's FA cup draw and then the likes of Stoke and Sunderland in the league as well as the return fixture with Chelsea which adds up to 6 fixtures meaning the Swans would have played 8 games in January which might mean a few more players coming in and hopefully a few results heading their way. Up until now we haven't seen the Swans tire but in their games recently there have been huge gaps towards the latter end of the game which shows they are tiring. Particularly Michu and Dyer and more attacking players. Michael Laudrup promises 1/2 new players in and I think there might be a few more even just temporary to deal with the huge workload. In the middle and at the back are the biggest areas although a hitman up top is also on the horizon despite Danny Graham's best efforts there will be another to compete with him with Michu prefering midfield. 

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